Dental Implants in Roundshaw

28th June 2018 Off By Mantel

Dental Implants in Roundshaw

Our surgery has been performing dental implants for years, and we have an abundance of experience. We have the newest oral technology to help us perform the most effective, exact and pain free experience for our patients possible

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Types of implant:

Full Implants

This method has totally improved our ability to improve a full mouth of teeth, and we now have the ability to install set teeth the same day that the implants are placed. This is an enormous advantage to patients, and significantly reduces the time of the operation, and minimises pain and stress compared to alternative methods. 

We begin by planning out the operation, and start with a scan to review the patient and discover the best location to install 4 dental implants. The speed of the procedure has also improved greatly, and patients with hardly any or no teeth can leave with a complete mouth implant or temporary bridge in a single day. The short-term bridge is then changed with a long term one after 3-4 months.

Multiple Tooth Implants


Multiple tooth implants are used for patients with several absent teeth absent, which can cause significant issues such as not being able to chew food properly. This may cause real stress in day-today life. Swapping these with implants can remove any anxiousness around a moving denture. We are often able to implant a bridge attached to the implants if the absent teeth are around the same area, as the image below demonstrates.

Single Tooth Implants

When one tooth is absent, an implant is usually the best answer. Implants are usually stronger and longer lasting that other available choices, and don"t have issues live moving or influencing speech like dentures often have. Additionally, the bone about the implant becomes backed by the implant, stopping further resorption and teeth on each side don"t have any additional loading that may cause issues in the future.
What exactly are the advantages of dental implants?

The closest thing to natural, healthy teeth: unlike other alternatives, a dental implant feels and will fit like a natural tooth, and don"t lead to bone break down, impact smiling or hinder other activities that other alternatives do.

A long-term fix: More traditional options such as tooth-supported bridges generally last 5-7 years, and despite having proper care will need to be changed at least every 10 years. Dental implants on the other hand can last all of your life, with only some modifications over the years.

No more anxiety: With your new dental implant you no longer need to stress about feeling down if you want to smile, or that you"ll have issues eating with your dentures. Live life without anxiousness around your teeth.

Keep your face shape and smile: Unfortunately, absent teeth can impact your face, and can affect how your smile looks. Dental implants help to preserve your natural, beautiful face and smile.

Take care of your jaw: The areas left by absent teeth can result in further issues, including damage to your jawbone. If it does not have the support of your teeth, the bone can become damaged and loses its durability. Implants helps encourage bone development and defends your jaw from deterioration.

Take care of you teeth the natural way: Rather than having to keep your teeth in a glass, having an implant installed you can maintain your mouth health how you are used to. You can clean, floss and clean your teeth and not worry that your dentures may slide or fall out.

No problems speaking: dentures can take some getting used to, and could affect how you speak and your capability to pronounce words. As the implant immediately replaces your tooth, this is something you don"t have to worry about.

Eat without concern: Dental implants are naturally strong and durable, allowing you to eat your preferred foods without anxiousness!

No cavities: An implant cannot get cavities, which means that so long as you clean it and get regular checkups you won"t have any problems.

No slipping: when you speak or eat, you may find that dentures move, and have to be moved back to the right place in your mouth. As your new implant is set, you will be assured about your teeth not moving when you go about your entire day.

A reliable solution: Dental implants are regarded as one of the very most reliable and predictable alternatives when replacing missing teeth.